Happy Thanksgiving, Healthfully Yours!

Holiday eating can be tricky to navigate if you’re concerned about your wellness. But sticking to a healthy routine during this time can keep both your energy and “jolly” spirit up. Here are some tips and tricks to help keep Baby Boomers and seniors stay fit (re-printing this blog from last year with a few updates):

Enjoy the holidays, but choose wisely!

• Be conscientious about your eating habits the days leading to a big celebration. Downsize your serving plates, make sure you don’t skip meals and save the alcohol and desserts for the big feasting day.
• Avoid going to parties hungry to prevent overindulging. Fill up before you go by eating a small snack with protein and fiber (try celery with peanut butter or a fruit and yogurt parfait topped with walnuts) and lots of water.
• When dishing up food at the buffet table, remember these guidelines: half of your plate should be filled with vegetables and fruit, one-quarter with whole-grains and one-quarter with lean protein. Pick up small portions and eat slowly. You can always go back for more later!
• Be creative with healthful substitutions:
o In baking, use unsweetened applesauce in place of butter, decrease sugar and chocolate chips or candies by up to 50% and replace cream or whole milk with 1% or skim milk.
o In cooking, replace butter with vegetable oil (e.g., olive oil), use herbs and spices like rosemary and cloves instead of salt, substitute whole-grain breads and pastas for the white versions, replace cream or whole milk dairy products with 1% or nonfat and bake or grill instead of frying.
• Liquid calories add up quickly! Drink with care, as eggnog, punch, and sugar-based alcohol mixers are high in calories, sugar and sometimes fat.
• Watch out for rich cakes and cookies that are high in fat and sugar. Instead opt for seasonal fruits like pomegranates and clementines, crustless pumpkin pie or choose a small serving of your favorite dessert.
• Be careful with appetizers as they are often deep-fried and sodium-filled. Choose a piece of cheese with a whole-grain cracker or fresh fruit to stave off the pre-dinner munchies.
• Get out of the kitchen as much as possible! Enlist the help of a trusted guest, then go out to mingle or walk around outside for a few minutes!
• Plan in some physical activity. Find downtime during meal prep and clean-up to re-connect with friends and family while: walking the neighborhood to enjoy holiday decorations, strolling through the local parks, window shopping your favorite malls or chatting during the halftime show.
• Stop to be mindful about the holiday. Keep a trick or two up your sleeve to pull out when you’re feeling stressed (it could be taking a walk, dancing with little ones or remembering what you’re grateful for).
• Get back to your regular eating and exercise routine as soon as possible. You may miss some sleep and gain a few pounds, but take back control of your life by starting up your wellness habits as soon as the holiday dust has settled.

For more ideas about staying healthy during the holidays, give me a call!

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