February 2015

For Healthy Aging–Worry About This, Not That!

There’s no denying–Baby Boomers and seniors face many challenges for healthy aging. What we don’t need are irrational fears clouding our fitness options! But a recent article in Parade Magazine (“What Are You Afraid Of?,” 1-18-15) showed that much of what Americans fear is unfounded. The media plays a role in some of the hysteria, …

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Inflammation–An Unlikely Common Denominator

The common link in many chronic disease Scientists are exploring a new way to treat many of the maladies afflicting Baby Boomers and seniors–heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. It seems these chronic killers all have a common link: inflammation. And this promising research may uncover what causes plaques to burst, cells to mutate, …

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It’s all about the heart!

Still Number 1! Baby boomers and seniors, take notice!  Despite years of public health efforts to curb this epidemic, the statistics remain alarming: heart disease is still the #1 killer in the nation, claiming 600,000 lives each year–approximately one in four deaths. According to the American Heart Association, for younger boomers, more than 10% of …

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