Protecting Your Environment!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a baby boomer or a millennial, we all want to take care of our planet!  Whether it’s decreasing the amount of waste we create or recycling or shopping locally, there’s a lot we can do individually to help.

And that’s where the wonderful growing system called Tower Garden comes into play!  By growing your own produce, you create a local, sustainable, pesticide-free food supply.  Added benefits: save money on produce, create less waste, and encourage children to help grow their own greens (and enjoy them)!

Let’s take a closer look at how Tower Garden can help you become a more eco-friendly member of your community (from tower

1)  Leave a smaller C02 footprint.

The USDA reports we release approximately 17 million metric tons of C02 simply from driving to get groceries, wow!  With a Tower Garden, you can help decrease that C02 with less trips to the store for produce.  Eating directly from your Tower also eliminates a lot of the plastic bags and packaging you might otherwise use.

2)  Use only 10% of the land.

Your Tower is a sleek, vertical design, requiring a circumference of only 30 inches.  This conserves 90% of the space compared to traditional gardens in homes, cities, and rural areas.  A Tower Garden is also the perfect answer to non-traditional “farming”: apartments, classrooms, malls, rooftops, and even airports!

3)  Recycle (almost) 100% of nutrients and water.

Water conservation is a critical concern now.  And with a Tower Garden, the base serves as a “miniature aquifer,” holding fresh water and liquid nutrients that are pumped upward to trickle down and nourish plant roots.  As a result, this closed system uses roughly 98% less water than traditional, soil-based gardening. 

4)  Reduce need for pesticides and herbicides.

Healthy plant production without harmful pesticides is ideal.  And with your Tower, the mineral and plant nutrients we add produce strong, healthy produce to better protect itself from pests and disease.  Therefore, the need for pesticides is greatly reduced.

5)  Help bees and other pollinators do their jobs.

The reproduction and health of thousands of plants depend on bees to transfer pollen.  For outdoor Tower Gardeners, planting specific types of flowers and herbs (for example, squash, tomatoes, thyme) can attract these pollinators, creating a win-win situation:  you provide them with much needed nutrients that allow them to do their job effectively, and they help pollinate some of your crops.

Together, let’s help save the planet!  Reach out to me for more information.

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