Lessons from “The Testosterone Corner”

Eleven years ago, our younger daughter graduated from high school and I was ready for some “me” time! I walked into a gym and hired a trainer, eager to get in shape and conquer the skill of strength training. A typical female Baby Boomer, I enjoyed the cardio and weight machines, but was completely intimidated by the area I called “The Testosterone Corner.” This is where the muscular guys hung out, grunting and grimacing with their dumbbells, barbells and cable machines.

Don't panic in The Testosterone Corner...just do it!
Don’t panic in The Testosterone Corner…just do it!

Three Lessons from The Testosterone Corner
Over the years, this fear has completely disappeared! Not only do I enjoy working out in this area, but I’m completely sold on the critical importance of these exercises.

Here are three lessons I’ve gleaned from The Testosterone Corner in the past decade:

1) Get over yourself!
Really, nobody’s staring at you. They’re all too busy doing their own thing. Nobody cares which weight you pick up, how many reps you perform or how your hair looks. And if you have questions, don’t be shy–guys (and gals) in this area are happy to help newcomers “learn the ropes.”

2) Use the mirrors!
But don’t use them to check out your makeup or clothing. Guys look at themselves all the time in the gym–most likely admiring their bulging muscles. You can definitely do the same, but mainly use the mirrors to be sure your back is straight, your arms or legs are in the correct place and your weights are where they’re supposed to be.

3) Don’t compare yourself to others!
You never know how many years somebody’s been working out or how many hours they spend in the gym, so don’t feel bad if others look stronger than you. Concentrate on doing your training, gradually increasing the amount of resistance you can push/pull. And look at the bright side–eventually there will be another person in that area who is even more of a neophyte than you!

Weight training is critically important in maintaining lean body mass, balance, strength and independence. So get in the gym and pick up those weights (you can also strength train in the privacy of your own home)! And keep going–you’ll grow accustomed to the territory, get stronger and maybe even make some new friends.

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