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If you’re a Baby Boomer or senior trying to keep your weight under control, it can be challenging. You might find yourself becoming less active or eating out more, leading to an increasing girth. And muscle mass loss (sarcopenia) naturally occurs as the years go by, making weight loss even more difficult.

weight loss for baby boomers
Keeping your weight down is one of three successful longevity variables.

But here’s some research that should give you incentive to really try to keep your weight under control (along with two other health behaviors).

A study published in 2016 looked at 14,000 US individuals aged 50-89 over a fourteen-year period, focusing on three positive health behaviors, specifically:

• not obese (BMI, body mass index, less than 30)
• non-smokers (had smoked less than 100 cigarettes during their life)
• moderate alcohol drinkers (for men, less than fourteen drinks per week; for women, less than seven per week)

Compared to the general population, people with these three health behaviors lived 3-5 years longer, without disability (defined as no limitations in activities such as walking, dressing, bathing, getting out of bed, or eating). Not only was their longevity increased, but the added years were healthy ones.

Note: This study focused on a BMI under 30, officially not obese. So even if you’re overweight (BMI is between 25 – 30), you could live a healthier life than those who tip the scales higher.

The take-home here: Be patient with yourself and know that any weight loss is healthful. And if you’re currently at a healthy weight, do all you can to keep it that way.

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