Inflammation–An Unlikely Common Denominator

The common link in many chronic disease

old age
New research may mean healthier aging.

Scientists are exploring a new way to treat many of the maladies afflicting Baby Boomers and seniors–heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.

It seems these chronic killers all have a common link: inflammation. And this promising research may uncover what causes plaques to burst, cells to mutate, insulin to be less efficiently used, and brain cells to become damaged.

A normal reaction gone awry

Inflammation is a normal immune response injury. When the body senses damage, it sends out cells to attack the perpetrator, causing an inflammation that subsides when the danger is over. But sometimes the inflammation becomes chronic, and that’s when the damage begins.

Tentative recommendations–sound familiar?

Doctors and researchers aren’t ready yet to recommend screening the general public for inflammation, or to endorse specific treatments for it. But there are a few lifestyle changes to help protect from the ravages of inflammation:

¬ Eat several servings of brightly-colored fruits and vegetables each day. These are high in phytochemicals, which help protect against free-radical formation, a precursor to inflammation.
¬ Move! Exercise keeps fat cells at bay, helping lower the amount of inflammatory elements they produce.
¬ Consume fish and healthy oils, such as olive oil, which are less likely to cause inflammation.
¬ Depend mainly on homemade foods, not processed ones, so that you can control the amount of sugar and types of fats used.

A booming field of study

Scientists are excited about the possibility of an overarching approach to treating many chronic diseases.  Thus, research in this area is exploding.   So watch for more information as investigation continues on this exciting new approach to controlling many of the illnesses associated with aging!

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