10 Holiday Gifts for the Fitness-Minded

Looking for a healthy gift idea for friends and family this holiday season? Having a difficult time thinking beyond the typical sugar-coated goodies and coffeehouse gift cards? With a little research, it is possible to give your treasured Baby Boomers and seniors presents that promote fitness all year long!

Holiday gifts for the fitness-minded.
Holiday gifts for the fitness-minded.

Here are 10 ideas that say both “I love you” and “to your good health!”

1. Pedometer. Although there’s nothing new about a pedometer, it’s an excellent way to track your activity by simply counting steps. The beauty of this device is that it’s easy to use, helps you monitor activity and achieve exercise goals.

2. Activity Tracker. For those who prefer a more techie activity tracker, try the FitBit, Garmin or Jawbone product lines. These bracelets let you track steps, exercise and calories burned, along with the quantity and quality of sleep. The hottest wearable device this season may be the AppleWatch–an activity tracker and mini-computer on your wrist.

3. Exercise bands or tubing. The perfect exercise modality for those who can’t lift much weight or have difficulty holding dumbbells, you can’t beat these for their ease of use and travel-ability (they scrunch down into a virtually weightless coil that fits into any tight corner of your suitcase). These exercise companions come in differing resistance levels, so be sure to purchase the correct one.

4. A gift basket of fresh produce, whole-grain crackers and herbal teas. Nothing says ‘love’ like wholesome food!

5. Foam-rollers. Available in a variety of diameters and stiffness, a foam roll is an excellent way to relieve muscular tension after exercise. Just be sure to become familiar with proper size and use before purchasing!

6. A gift basket of fruit and vegetable seeds specific to the region and the season of planting, along with an attractive set of garden gloves, a mini-garden shovel and sunscreen. The heirloom version of many vegetables provides a welcome variation in color, appearance and flavor.

7. Plastic blender water bottles. These clever items can be used as a plain water bottle without the round wire whisk. Insert the blender ball, and you have a portable way to prepare protein drinks or smoothies, as well as salad dressings, pancake batter and scrambled eggs.

8. Jump rope. Okay, so again we’re talking low-tech, but the good ol’ jump rope is an excellent way to improve cardiovascular fitness and develop lower-leg strength when short on space.

9. Gift card for a great set of new shoes. (Splurge on this, because your friends probably won’t!) Most people don’t replace their shoes often enough or take the time to look at important features (for example, insole cushion, width and length of shoe, gel pad, grooves and traction). Their feet will thank you!

10. Gift cards to a local gym, massage center, personal trainer, exercise or yoga class. Your friends will feel pampered and love the free indulgence!

And for those who already have it all, why not send the gift of knowledge with my free ebook!

What’s your favorite health-promoting gift? Share your thoughts below, I’d love to hear from you!!!

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