Recently I Caught a Glimpse of Growing Old…

And I didn’t like it!

As some of you know, I had a total hip replacement earlier this month.  And I’ve been using a walker, advancing to a cane, for the past couple of weeks.  Unfortunately, people really do look at you differently when you use these walking aids.  If that wasn’t bad enough for this Baby Boomer, I’ve had to deal with a doctor who lectures me about how we Americans just can’t accept growing old.

Staying healthy as long as possible!

Well he’s barking up the wrong tree!  I know we don’t have to accept aging as it’s been viewed in the past.  I may never run a 10K again (haven’t done that since my 20s anyway), but I won’t lower my fitness expectations.  I will walk my 10,000 steps daily, get back to yoga and the gym with proper limitations, enjoy dancing with my grandchildren, and continue working with others to stay strong and independent as long as possible!

So here’s to a healthier 2018 for all of us!  I look forward to bringing you the latest in fitness and nutrition information for folks over 50.

And I’ll return on January 2 with my regular weekly blogs and videos.

Please watch for new programs and information about my upcoming book (Building Your Enduring Fitness)!

And let me know if there are questions or topics you’d like me to discuss.

Happy New Year and all the best!


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  1. Lisa, praying for a strong recovery for you. Happy 2018!!!!! 💕🌈

  2. Good for you Lisa! I’m proud of your Can Do attitude! Spoken like a Fire Energy. Ha. Also, love the updated hair and the vivid purple shirt in your picture!

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