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Are you still looking for a unique gift to give your health-minded Baby Boomer and senior friends and family this holiday season?  One that’s not sugar-coated or dripping with chocolate?

Because staying healthy has been a topmost concern this year, here’s my annual gift-giving guide–updated from 2019: 15 ideas, most under $150, that say both “I love you” and “to your good health!”  Now you can relax and know that you’ve given a precious gift that will make a difference for months and possibly years to come.

  1. Pedometer.  Although there’s nothing new about a pedometer, it’s an excellent way to track your activity by simply counting steps.  The beauty of this device is that it’s easy to use, helps you monitor activity, and allows you to set and achieve reasonable exercise goals.
  2. Activity Tracker.  For those who prefer a more techie device, try an activity tracker.  Examples include FitBit, Jawbone, and the Apple Watch (warning: the latter will blow your $150 budget).  These wrist-worn mini-computers let you monitor steps, exercise, and calories burned, along with the quantity and quality of sleep.
  3. Foam/massage roller.  These funny looking “worms” offer a self-administered deep-tissue massage.  Great gifts for people who complain about “knots” and tight muscles.  Before purchasing, be sure to investigate the density, surface texture, and size and shape of the roller.
  4. Exercise bands or tubing.  The perfect exercise modality for those who can’t lift much weight or have difficulty holding dumbbells, you can’t beat these for ease of use and travel-ability (they scrunch down into a virtually weightless coil that fits into any tight suitcase corner).  These exercise companions come in differing resistance levels, so be sure not to purchase ones that are too easy or too difficult.
  5. Yoga mat.  A must for anybody doing yoga at home now, look for one that has a firm grip and cushioned feel under hand and knee placement.
  6. For the poor sleeper on your list, a weighted blanket and sound machine.  Weighted blankets havemicro-beads or other types of weighted pellets sewn into them; some studies show that people decrease the amount of time spent tossing and turning, and increase feelings of security.  Sound machines create a consistent environment with white noise (or waves or rain), masking sounds that interrupt a good night’s sleep. 
  7. A foot spa.  With trips to salons limited these days, this machine is the next best way to splurge.  Massage rollers, soothing bubbles, or heat therapy keep hard working feet happy.
  8. A gift basket of fresh produce, whole-grain crackers, and herbal teas.  Nothing says ‘love’ like wholesome food!
  9. Gift card for a facial or massage.  Give the gift of indulgence and relaxation at a local day spa.  This redeem-it-later-sometime-next-year gift will be great for bot the recipient and the business.
  10. Plastic blender water bottles.  These clever items can be used as a plain water bottle without the round wire whisk.  Insert the blender ball, and you have a portable way to prepare protein drinks or smoothies, as well as salad dressings, pancake batter, and scrambled eggs.
  11. Wireless earbuds.  These little devices are perfect for the fitness-minded.  They eliminate all wires and neckbands of traditional earbuds and headphones; they are convenient, lightweight, and offer flexibility.  The best part:  exercising to music or a podcast will allow users to go longer and harder without noticing they’re working more.
  12. Spiralizer/ribbonizer.  Your friends can use this awesome kitchen gadget to transform those vegetables their kids don’t want to eat into colorful, tasty, and healthy “noodles!”  Do a little research before buying, as machines vary in ease of use and clean up.
  13. Gift card for a great set of new shoes.  (Splurge on this, because your friends won’t!)  Most people don’t replace their shoes often enough or take the time to look at important features (for example: insole cushion, width and length of shoe, gel pad, grooves, and traction).
  14. A great read for those who want to start the new year with a framework for excellent health is my book, Building Your Enduring Fitness It provides dozens of strategies to help people take control of their aging, available on my website.
  15. Juice Plus+ and Tower Garden.  Be a true health hero all year long!  Give the gift of additional plant nutrition—so critical to support a normal immune system—with our fruit/vegetable/berry capsules or chewables, plant-based Omega blend, delicious Complete smoothie mix, or Tower Garden vertical growing system.  The Juice Plus+ Company will drop ship your order to anyone in the 50 United States, Canada, Mexico, and a number of countries in Europe, Australian, New Zealand, and Singapore.

For more ideas about giving the gift of health, please reach out to me!

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