Want to Lose 88 Lb?

Imagine enjoying your favorite ice cream concoction while lounging on the sofa watching TV one summer afternoon. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it?–until it feels like a full-grown elephant parks itself on your chest! Being almost 90 lb. overweight and suffering from high blood pressure, you’ve heard about this symptom before.  You check online and confirm your worst fears–you’re in the midst of a heart attack!

Fortunately, you get to the hospital in time to save your life. But months later you realize you still haven’t changed your lifestyle. And you know that without major eating and physical activity shifts, you won’t live long enough to take advantage of that second chance you’ve been given–so you reach out to a fitness professional for help!

This is the true story of my client, Leonard, with whom I’ve worked since November 2014. Leonard has agreed to let me share his journey with others, in hopes that he “might help just one person” to get the tools he or she needs to lose weight and become passionate about life again!  Here Leonard shares his “fat pants” transformation!

When I started working with Leonard, we developed three goals:

1. To increase his movement throughout the day–Leonard initially bought a pedometer and later advanced to a FitBit ChargeHR, increasing his daily steps from less than 3,000 per day to now averaging more than 12,000!
2. To monitor and decrease his food intake–Leonard started inputting his food intake into MyFitnessPal; we developed a weight-loss plan to which he has successfully complied for more than 12 months!
3. To increase the amount of muscle or lean body tissue–through twice weekly strength/resistance training. Increased muscle mass boosts the body’s ability to burn calories, even while sitting.

As a result, Leonard has lost 88 lb!

Learn more about Leonard’s success, and how you can create your own fitness journey, in my upcoming FREE webinar, 7 Truths About Weight Loss! Mark the date–Monday, March 7, 2016, 4:00 p.m. PST. More information to follow.

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