Healthy (and Indulgent) Valentine’s Day Gifts

It’s February–a month to celebrate all things of the heart! While the American Heart Association uses this time to remind us that heart disease is still our number one killer, romantics everywhere dedicate themselves to finding that one special gift for their loved ones. Frequently this means indulgent foods, but is it possible to celebrate this week without hijacking heart health?

Honor your heart (and those of others) this month.
Honor your heart (and those of others) this month.

We believe it is, so please read on…

Here are three surefire ideas to impressive your Valentine, while honoring his (or her) heart:

Dark chocolate–You can’t miss here, with the unbeatable combination of mouth-watering chocolate that’s lower in sugar and full of heart-supporting antioxidants. Feel good about indulging!
Gift certificate for a massage or day spa–Help your loved one relax while reducing stress and muscle pain. We all love to feel pampered!
Plan a romantic homemade dinner–This way, you control the ingredients and portion sizes. Impress your honey with fresh, colorful produce and savory entrees. Try raspberries by candlelight for a fabulous dessert!

How do you celebrate Valentine’s day, without pushing the sugar and fat levels sky high?  Please share below, I’d love to hear!

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