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Smiles Are Infectious!
I’ve been teaching a Geri-Fit® older adult group exercise class for two months now. I love my “students,” and have witnessed firsthand how the program creates results in two areas: fighting social isolation and enhancing strength!

Group exercise classes help fight loneliness and build strength in seniors.
Group exercise classes help fight loneliness and build strength in seniors.

My ongoing class is at Mantra Restaurant in Temecula, CA, and the new class is at OsteoStrong, Murrieta, CA, both on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Seniors who have SilverSneakers coverage may now attend at no charge!

Loneliness = Bad New for Seniors
Approximately 20% of all seniors report feeling lonely or socially isolated. Shockingly, about half admit that television is their only company! Unfortunately, not being married, having a lack of friends or family and not feeling part of a community can be deadly for older adults.

Some of the risks of social isolation include:
• Having a greater risk of death (greater than daily smoking or obesity)
• Being less physically active
• Suffering from depression
• Having high blood pressure
• Having a much higher risk of early death

Benefits of exercise
Joining an exercise group, where people meet twice a week and engage in physical activity together, helps build a bond, a sense of belonging. And the good news is that this type of social interaction can reverse the risk factors listed above.

Geri-Fit® is an evidence-based strength training group exercise program for older adults.  Participants start out using a set of 2-pound dumbbells and then, as their strength increases, they can use heavier dumbbells in order to build even more strength and balance. Most of the exercises are performed seated in chairs but participants have the option to do them standing if they prefer.  Any senior age and fitness level can enroll. Benefits of this program include:
• Muscular strength
• Balance and coordination
• Motor skills and reaction time
• Flexibility and gait
• Functional capacity

Make Your Own Inertia
So get off the sofa, visit with your neighbors, join a like-minded group and be happy!

For more information about my Geri-Fit classes, contact me at 951 533-2612.

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