Don’t Let Winter Weather Waylay Your Workout

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For many people around the country, it’s cold. That pretty much sums up the weather from December through March. But you don’t have to let falling temperatures lead you straight to failure where your fitness routine is concerned. 

If you’re looking for new ways to stick with your routine, we offer the following tips to help you stay fit, focused, and feeling fantastic until Mother Nature kicks Old Man Winter to the curb:

Get in the groove

Everybody likes to dance, even if they deny it in public. Dancing is as natural as breathing and is a part of virtually all cultures throughout the world. Even better, swinging your hips offers a host of undeniable benefits. 

Time goes as far as saying that dancing is the best thing you can do for your body. It’s not only an excellent cardiovascular workout but may improve the overall function of your brain as well.

Invest in a gym membership or fitness app

To be clear, the simple act of buying a gym membership won’t get you in shape. But an indoor fitness center will give you a place to exercise away from the elements. 

Many community-oriented gyms offer a variety of options from free weights to group classes. Healthline reports, however, that at approximately $58 per month, it’s a substantial investment and one you should only make if you’re truly committed.

On the other hand, if you’re comfortable working out at home or don’t need a gym, consider an online fitness app that offers fitness videos and customized workouts. 

The surprising benefits of stairs

Your stairs are good for more than just moving between the basement and the family room. A staircase can easily double up as an aerobic step or bench for a complete workout. 

There are several exercises you can do, including split squats, calf-raises, and push-ups, in the privacy of your own home using your stairs for leverage. 

Kids make great fitness partners

Have you ever noticed that your kids or grandkids are full of energy from the moment they wake up until they hit their pillows at night? While you may not be able to harness their energy, you can take advantage of their enthusiasm for life. 

Kids make fantastic fitness partners because no matter what you’re doing with them, they’re happy. A half an hour playing hide and seek, hopscotch, or tag will help you burn 120 calories while making precious memories with your little ones.

Remember your motivation

Chances are, your New Year’s resolution to get fit had less to do with losing weight and more to do with claiming – or reclaiming – a part of your life that was lost. 

Staying physically fit not only keeps your body in shape; it has positive benefits for your mind and emotional wellbeing, too. Being active releases endorphins that stave off depression and help boost your mood

Whether you’re dancing the night away, getting in your steps with the staircase, or biting the bullet for a gym membership, exercise is important, no matter the time of year. 

By remaining physically active, you put yourself in a better position to remain healthy – and happy – until the great thaw of spring when you can get back outdoors. So keep moving and don’t let a little winter weather scare you into changing from a fitness freak to a couch potato.

Are you looking for more ways to stay physically active and healthy to ward off the effects of aging? Please reach out to me for a consultation.

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