Are You Building Your Enduring Fitness?

Like many Baby Boomers and older adults, are you piling on more pounds with each passing year?  Does your dream of a healthy, independent life fade as your muscles grow weaker?  Are you worried about developing the same health problems your parents had?

Or, are you grabbing hold of a healthier future?  Because life doesn’t have to be that way, and you know that’s true if you’ve been reading my blogs.

  • You can exercise to cause your insulin to work more efficiently, greatly reducing the risk of diabetes.
  • You can find tolerable exercises to keep moving when arthritis pain says, “No way!”
  • You can consume a plant-based diet to decrease your risk of obesity, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and other chronic diseases.
  • You can beat back Mother Nature to be strong and independent!

Who says sixty can’t be the new forty? It’s your choice!

Building Your Enduring Fitness will help you age with strength and independence.

Discover dozens of best practices to ensure your lasting wellness in my new book, Building Your Enduring Fitness.  In this work, I share the powerful age-defying strategies of centenarians and the proven methods my clients use to boost vitality and prevent aging from interfering with the quality of their lives.

And I’ll help you figure out the driving force behind your desire to remain strong and independent as long as possible.  Is your big “why” living long enough to see your grandchildren get married?  Do you want to re-start a hobby you’ve given up as your fitness level has slid away?

This book will also show you the unstoppable benefits of having a support system in place throughout your wellness journey.  These partners could be family members, friends, or “classmates.”  They’ll help by keeping you encouraged and accountable, and by sharing your successes.

I’ll show you how to reduce your chances of falling (and how to get up if you do go down), learn to eat out and stay healthy, and be able to spend more quality time with your grandchildren.

I’m pre-selling the book until the end of March, 2018 (I’ll have copies from the printer in April and start mailing them out as quickly as I can).  Just $25.00 for the hardback and free ebook.  Purchase the book at

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