The One Big Question YOU Need to Answer!

Can You Answer This Question?
WHY? It’s that simple: why do you want to … (insert your answer)? It doesn’t matter if you’re a Baby Boomer who desires to lose weight or a senior who wants to get stronger. The key to your success will be to honestly answer that question identifying your motivation–why do you want to do this?

Want to stay healthy to enjoy your grandchildren?
Want to stay healthy to enjoy your grandchildren?

Why do you want to invest in going down the road of changing lifelong habits–be it eating or physical activity? Why do you want to invest the time (we’re talking months initially, then maintaining new lifestyle changes FOREVER). What about the money it might cost? And the effort–getting off the sofa and moving when you’d rather keep sitting, pushing away from the table when there’s still food left on your plate, spending extra time at the grocery store reading food labels.

We’re not talking about a short-term goal that will lose its relevance once the special event (cruise, wedding or next doctor appointment) has passed.

Changing lifestyle behaviors takes a lot of effort! There’s no way around it.

But you know it’s important. You know you need to make these changes. And when the time gets tough (and it will!), it’s critical to be able to call upon your true motivation to stay in the game.

What is Your Big Why?
For me, getting in shape and staying healthy means being around as long as possible to enjoy my family, especially the beautiful grandkids.
For one of my clients who has Parkinsons, it means staying out of a wheelchair as long as possible.
For another client, it means a return to hiking, a hobby he loved but had given up years ago as his health declined.

Here’s one way to discover what really motivates you (as taught to me by one of my mentors, Jacqui Dobens):

Sit down at a table with someone you trust. We’ll call her Maggie. Be sure Maggie has a blank piece of paper and a pen or pencil because she’ll need to record your answers and keep probing.

• Maggie: What is your goal?
• You: To learn to eat better and lose 30 lb.
• Maggie: Why do you want to do this?
• You: Because I want to improve control of my diabetes.
• Maggie: Why do you want to have better control of your diabetes?
• You: Because I want to get off my diabetes medications.
• Maggie: Why do you want to get off your medications?
• You: Because my medications have nasty side-effects and taking them means my blood sugar is too high.
• Maggie: Why does it matter what your blood sugar numbers are?
• You: Because I know that if I don’t control my diabetes, I could lose my eyesight like my brother did, or die early from kidney disease like my father did.
• Maggie: Why does that matter to you?
• You: Because I want to enjoy quality life with my kids as long as possible.

And there you have it! You don’t just want to improve your eating habits and lose 30 lb. because your doctor said you have to or because you’re getting ready for your 25th high school reunion. You have a deeper motivation.

So when the chocolate cake looks tempting or you’re feeling lazy, remember your true WHY. Bring it back in full color. This motivation is what will help pull you through the ups and downs on the way to achieving your goals.

Want to discover more about your try WHY and set some realistic goals?

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