Winter Blahs Sabotaging Your Fitness?

Don’t Let Bad Weather Ground You
Winter weather has a tendency to squash even the most die-hard exercisers’ plans. This is especially important for Baby Boomers and seniors.  It’s just too easy to use the early darkness, rain, cold or general dreariness as an excuse to sit around watching movies and making chocolate chip cookies (my go-to rainy day indulgence…on occasion, of course!).

Embrace the cold weather with appropriate exercise!
Embrace the cold weather with appropriate exercise!

Exercise in Winter Weather…With some Planning!
Here are five tips to keep you moving when the weather says “veg out!”

1. Embrace the cold outdoors. Find an ice skating rink or bundle up with the appropriate clothing and boots for an invigorating hike. (Even some Southern California cities “make” ice in downtown areas during the holidays.) For family fun, dig out the gloves and scarves, and walk your neighborhoods to view the local holiday lights and decorations.
2. Explore unusual indoor possibilities. Your local mall is an excellent place to get your cardio workout: complete a power walk and climb the stairs! Some malls even have activity stops and show the portion of a mile completed with each revolution around the inside perimeter.
3. Check out the local community center for an indoor game of basketball; don’t forget about the local gym—open year-round for your exercise enjoyment!
4. Invest in an activity tracker or smartwatch. These devices will help motivate you to move throughout the day to reach your steps goal. To boost indoor movement, march during commercials, walk while talking on the phone or volunteer for extra chore duty (sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning and taking out the trash).
5. Find a work-out buddy. It’s always easier to keep on an exercise schedule with a co-conspirator! Even if you can’t get out for physical activity, a buddy can provide friendly reminders or competition to keep you moving!

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