Are you looking to get back in shape?

Do you feel like you need to be stronger so you can lift and play better with your grandkids?

Is the doctor hounding you to start exercising but you’re not even sure where to start?

As we age, change is undeniable. It affects our muscles, our bones, our appetite. But we now have a large body of evidence leading us to an encouraging conclusion: with active intervention, we can maintain our quality of life well into our Boomer and senior years.

Healthy aging is possible! Each person has his or her individual challenges when it comes to physical activity and nutrition, and that’s why I believe in working one-on-one with my clients. With convenient in-home personal training sessions or small group training sessions, we collaborate on a short- or long-term basis, depending on your specific situation, in order to reach your fitness goals.

Are you someone over 50 who:

    • Doesn’t want to exercise but knows you need to?
    • Can’t find time to exercise?
    • Doesn’t know the foods to eat to lose weight and stay healthy?
    • Has a chronic disease such as arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease?
    • Is concerned about losing your ability to live independently?
    • Needs to lose weight or you might be in big trouble?

I understand how you feel about not wanting to exercise. When we retire, we just want to have fun and eat whatever we want and do whatever we want, I get it.

I’m retired too, and trust me, I have my vices–I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!

However, as I was getting older, I saw many friends and family members develop horrible diseases and problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
I did not want this to be me.

Granted, I’ve always somewhat been into exercising; maybe you haven’t, and so it might be easier for me than for you. But because I’ve seen so many friends and family members gain a ton of weight, get sick, lose their ability to take care of themselves or even die, I’m completely passionate about helping YOU get into shape.

I realize we’re not going to turn you into a body builder after age 50, but we need to make you stronger so you’re less likely to fall, less likely to break a bone if you do fall, and able to play with your grandchildren, if you have them (we all know this is a huge motivation for people our age).

In addition to making your body stronger, it’s important we focus also on your nutrition. As people age, some of us spend money on swanky dinners, but others of us eat more processed foods–because it’s easier. I not only focus on your health and exercise, but also your nutrition to help contribute to your overall wellbeing and longer independent living.

So let me help you get back into shape and create a healthier lifestyle for yourself!

Listed below are more details regarding each of the Enduring Fitness Programs. You can sign up for 3 or 6 months, or even 1 week. The reason I only offer the 3- and 6-month programs is because most of my clients end up working with me for that long anyway in order to see the results they’re looking for.

For some newer clients who would like to “try me out” first to see how I work in your home one-on-one, I offer a one-week trial.

One-on-One Personal Fitness Training

When I work with people one-on-one, I look at your whole self, your whole body, your whole health. Over the past three years, I’ve developed a process of working with clients that’s way more than just personal training–it’s everything you need to create a healthier, stronger you! Take a look at my seven steps, then click to find out more about how I work one-on-one, the pricing, etc.

1) Figure out the “why?” What’s your true motivation for working with me?
2) Evaluate current health status, medical issues and medications.
3) Set realistic goals, short- and long-term.
4) Evaluate eating and exercise habits.
5) Find easy opportunities to improve diet and increase physical activity.
6) Implement your plan with twice weekly strength-training, daily and weekly movement and cardio goals, and a food plan tailored just for you!
7) Fine-tune for longterm success–plan for roadblocks, optimize environment and support systems.


  • Initial fitness assessment
  • Initial nutrition assessment

  • Goals development

  • 60-minute twice weekly personal training
  • Nutrition counseling

  • Unlimited phone/text/email access during business hours, M - F, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

  • Working through potential obstacles
  • Evaluation of home for falls, if appropriate

  • Follow-up assessment
  • 4 Bonus Package**
  • 1. Recipe make-over
  • 2. Restaurant rescue
  • 3. What's in your kitchen?
  • 4. Grocery tour
  • Program Cost

Enduring Change

One-on-one personal training (6 months)

  • Individualized

  • 1

  • 2
  • 2
  • 1

  • 1
  • $5,199 or $899/month

Make It A Habit

Small group training* (3-month minimum commitment)

  • Basic Nutrition

  • 1

  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Optional

  • Optional
  • $1,299 or $449/month

Jump-Start Fitness

One-on-one personal training (1-week trial)

  • $150.00

*Small group training

This program includes 3 – 5 participants.  You arrange the group with your friends or we arrange a group/location and everyone benefits from a reduced-rate per person.

**Bonuses include:

For 6-month one-on-one personal training:

  1. Recipe make-over–we’ll take a favorite recipe, analyze nutrients and re-make it for your health!
  2. Restaurant rescue–let us know where you’re eating, and we’ll give you tips to keep the meal healthy.
  3. What’s in your kitchen?–we’ll help you “clean up” your pantry and refrigerator to support your new lifestyle.
  4. Grocery tour–your personal guide to finding the most nutritious, cost-effective foods.

For small group training:

All bonuses are optional at an additional cost of $99 each.

Get started today with one of the above or join our Geri-Fit® Group Exercise Classes (not personal training)

  • Four-week class schedule, twice weekly (8 classes total per fee)
  • These classes are especially designed for older adults age 65 and over
  • Classes include strength building, seated exercises, stretches and balance training
  • $48 (per 8 classes) or free to SilverSneakers members at Temecula location

Click the calendar for dates.

We like to have a conversation with you before you register for any of our services to make sure it’s a good fit for you, so please sign up for a free call with Lisa.  We’ll talk about your fitness challenges and goals, and help you get into the right program.