7 Lessons I Learned from A Former Pageant Queen

I had the privilege to share some time with dozens of women at the Grown Up Sexy conference in Los Angeles this past weekend. The two days were filled with uplifting messages and tips that apply to any Baby Boomer or senior who is seeking a lifestyle … [Continue reading]

Are You Ready to Take A Stand?

Are you letting a label limit your enjoyment in life?  As a Baby Boomer or older adult, does a chronic illness taint your vision of the future?  Are you letting other people's opinions of your health status cloud your desires?  If you answered "yes," … [Continue reading]

Eat Your Whey to Stronger Muscles

If you've read my blogs before, you know I often talk about sarcopenia, the age-related loss of muscles that can lead to proportionately more fat on the body--not to mention falls, disability and loss of independence. Along with strength training, … [Continue reading]

This Is Your Brain on Exercise!

For both Baby Boomers and seniors, keeping your brain "in shape" ranks high on the list of wellness concerns! Fortunately, lifestyle choices--including food and exercise--can help support the aging brain! Do these problems sound familiar? • … [Continue reading]

Get Up and GO!!!

If you're sitting down watching this video, don't!  Get up and walk around, especially you baby boomers and seniors.  Stop engaging in sedentary behavior! Here's a portion of a talk I did on the perils of too much sitting time and the importance … [Continue reading]